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Posted on May 12, 2009


Flagyl For Sale, The Deconstruction Zone blog is designed to help you get a well-rounded picture of who we are and what we do as architects. That’s not to say we know it all, is Flagyl safe. Flagyl forum, In my brief tenure as a Graduate Teaching Assistant I discovered that the teacher often learns more than the student because of the questions his pupils bring to him. Student questions caused me to re-examine my methods, Flagyl cost, Flagyl no prescription, broaden my knowledge base and sharpen my skills.


Our Goal

So when our new website was in the idea stage I decided I didn’t want it to be a portfolio of pretty pictures (though we do have pictures), Flagyl from canada. We wanted it to be something more, something useful and beneficial to you, the viewer, Flagyl For Sale. Flagyl steet value, With that in mind, we will post content that (in our opinion) has educational value for visitors to this space.


Architects: Divas or Pragmatists

We will attempt to demystify the role of architect and take you inside the architect’s process – not just the design process but the process of doing business, Flagyl samples. Order Flagyl from mexican pharmacy, Stereotypes of architects tend to be either artistic divas vexing us with indecipherable puzzles or pragmatic angels who drop clouds of light amongst the “background” buildings architects allegedly despise. But there is more to the practice of architecture than that, where can i buy cheapest Flagyl online. Low dose Flagyl, Truth is we are neither divas nor angels, we are - like most other people - somewhere in between and the circumstances in which we find ourselves dictate our behavior. 


Look Over Our Shoulder

What we want to explore in these posts are the circumstances that create design problems, where can i buy cheapest Flagyl online, Flagyl schedule, how architects respond to design problems and, of course, Flagyl no rx, Flagyl canada, mexico, india, the design solution – architecture. In addition we will shine a light on our everyday activities and provide a keyhole view to the inner workings of the office.


Your Feedback is Welcome

Flagyl For Sale, If you’re watching and reading, we want hear from you. Tell us about architecture that impresses you or ask about a new building that left you wondering, kjøpe Flagyl på nett, köpa Flagyl online, Flagyl dangers, “What were they thinking?” or saying “What a great idea?” In response we’ll try to address your questions by unpacking them bit-by-bit – deconstructing them if you will.


Subject Matter

Topics may range from anecdotes to translating esoteric architectural terms into plain English. White elephants, Flagyl no prescription, Flagyl from mexico, red herrings and green washing will be open for examination along with the occasional public policy boondoggle. I might go on a rant about development hurdles our public agencies continually throw our way or review a new “green” product.


Best-case scenario, Flagyl street price, Flagyl coupon, we’ll all learn something new. Perhaps you’ll end up better informed about us as a profession so you can make informed choices, Flagyl use. Is Flagyl addictive, Through your questions we’ll learn more about you, so we can better serve you and our community, buying Flagyl online over the counter. Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, Welcome to the Deconstruction Zone.

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